More than anything else, Furdose has been an outlet for us as Palestinian artists who are learning how to thrive in Tkaronto—the traditional lands of the many Indigenous nations that have taught us resistance and welcomed us as Palestinian kin. We make Palestinian art resistance inspired by our will to return, anti-colonial demands, and the landscapes of our homelands. We’re giving new energy to the aesthetics of politically-charged art. 

We are also committed to engaging Palestinians and our creative comrades in the diaspora. We transformed our apartment into an art studio, making Furdose synonymous with home; in every corner we encounter posters, garments, hand-made stencils, tatreez threads, screens, and speedball ink. We create protest posters, organize tatreez circles, facilitate screen-printing workshops, and wheatpaste in the streets. Check out our community page, we hope to meet you soon.

The story behind our logo.

Meet our ridiculously endearing cat, Ringo. Like his cat relatives in Palestine, Ringo’s most expressive meows are at closed doors—liberation is non-negotiable. Ringo and all the wandering cats of Palestine remind us that no matter where we go, we will find our way home. Also, bucket hats are cute.