Furdose. A Palestinian art resistance collective producing anti-colonial graphics, wearables, and creative community projects. We’re committed to giving new energy to the aesthetics of politically-charged art and engaging Palestinians and our creative comrades in the diaspora. 

[04/2024] - A Note to Our Community: We had imagined the launch of the Furdose collection in a different time and context, but our commitment to art resistance remains the same: As we continue to organize in our local communities and in solidarity with our people in the homelands, we hope Furdose's wearable art collection can be a part of that vision too.

[10/2023] - Furdose's wearable art will not be available for purchase until further notice. As individuals, we are taking this time to organize, disrupt, and be in solidarity with our people in the homelands. For Furdose, this means shifting our priorities towards community engagement. We have spent countless hours designing, screenprinting, and hand embroidering our wearable art collection, and we look forward to sharing the collection with you all soon.